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Easy DIY Home Repairs that You'll Love

Easy DIY Home Repairs that You'll Love

Even if you're far from the family handyman, there are some DIY home repairs that anyone can do! Take a look at our favorite DIY home repairs that you can do on your own! Don’t forget to insure your home and your belongings so that your hard work, freshly cleaned appliances, and hand spackled walls are protected in case of disaster or theft.

  • Fix loud cabinet doors. If you're sick of the kids slamming the cabinet doors and causing a ruckus throughout the house, try purchasing a pack of peel-and-stick bumpers. You can find these little guys online or at any hardware store. They're incredibly simple to install - simply peel the small, round pieces of foam from their sticky sheet, and press them onto the corners of your cabinet doors! Voila!

  • Fix your patchy lawn. If gardening isn't really your thing - have no fear! With this simple solution, you can fix your patchy lawn in no time. Start by purchasing a seed spreader and some grass seed, load up the equipment, and push throughout your yard! In no time, you'll have a lawn that the entire neighborhood is envious of!

  • Clean dirty, smelly upholstery. The secret ingredient for cleaning your dirty upholstery probably isn't what you think. Did you guess baking soda? This powdery substance can help break up stains and remove odors from your upholstery in two easy steps. Simply spread a thick coating of baking soda on the affected area, wait roughly 30 minutes, and then vacuum it up! Not only will it remove the scent of the stain, but it can also help to remove the stain itself!

  • Repair old caulking to give your bathroom a new, fresh look. If you want your bathroom to look brand new, consider re-caulking it! It's cheap, it's easy, and you'll be blown away by the difference it can make in your bathroom. It can even help protect against costly water damage! All you'll need is a can of caulking and a caulking gun, and you're ready to go.

  • Repair your faucet with a lemon. If you have hard water in your home, you know the pain of hard water build up. But now, you can repair it on your own - and with something that you might already have in your refrigerator! Simply place half of a cut lemon on the end of your faucet and cover it with a plastic bag. You can use a rubber band to attach it! Let the lemon work it's magic for a few hours, and when you come back, your faucet should be free of hard water build up!

Although you might think that all repairs require a hammer and nails, some repair projects are easier than you think - and you'll be proud of yourself for taking them on and executing them correctly. With these simple DIY repairs, you'll be calling yourself Mr. or Ms. Fix-It!